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As the title implies Jean Vanier explores Life's Great Questions with some thought provoking insights. He is a humble spiritual giant of our time.

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Raniero Cantalamesa is well known as the preacher to the papal household. Father delves into the mystery of mercy both human and divine. I found this book a great meditation for this Jubilee Year of Mercy.

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A very simple yet deeply spiritual meditation on God's Mercy by our Holy Father, Pope Francis.


Many of us were introduced to Pastor Rick Warren at the World Meeting of Families. It is very clear that God has blessed this man with a word for our time. This book is a 40 day journey digging deeply into the question - Why are we here? It is a spiritual journey worth taking. I purchased this book for my Kindle so as a bonus I received links to sermons that related to the topic.

Rick Warren is a pastor of Saddleback Church in California.


A great meditation for the Christmas season by a very popular author - Scott Hahn. Worth your time!

Dr. Hahn has a number of books and audio tapes on a variety of topics. You might want to explore his library.

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A member of St. Colman's Parish and a good friend Neal Lozano has written a very inspiring and very loving look at how much God the Father loves each and everyone of us. No matter where you are on your faith journey you will be blessed abundantly.

You might also be interested in another one of Neal's books, UNBOUND.


I will be honest that I picked up this book because I am a fan of Bishop Robert Barron and his Word on Fire Ministry. In his typical fashion Bishop Barron makes this book from the Old Testament not only interesting but challenging. If you are looking for a Scripture study - take a look!


Vinny Flynn offers some interesting insights and encouragement in approaching Our Lord's greatest gift to us. If you like this book Vinny has 7 Secrets of Confession that is a great meditation on a very important yet little used gift from our God.

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Anyone who loves St. Francis of Assisi or Anyone who loves Pope Francis will be blessed by reading this fresh challenging look at one of the most popular saints of all time.


Fr. Martin uses a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land coupled with his academic background to offer some spiritual insights and reflections on our Lord. The easy reading style makes Father's book so enjoyable to read. But watch out you will encounter the Lord Jesus and He will not leave you unchanged.

Fr. James Martin introduces the book.

If you enjoy this book you might be interested in some of his other books which can be found on Amazon.

One that I really enjoyed was ... Between Heaven and Mirth


One of my heroes is Fr. Barron. He is an excellent speaker (Check out the link above to Word on Fire) and an outstanding author. CATHOLICISM is a must read! It might be a great summertime meditation. Threatened by the size there is also a video series that I hope we will be able to present this Fall.


Pope Benedict has a scholarly series of 3 meditations on Jesus.

In the book's introduction, the pope explicitly states that the treatise is in "no way an exercise of the magisterium," but rather an "expression of his personal search for the face of the Lord." Volume One reflects on the public ministry of Jesus; Volume Two on Holy Week; Volume Three is the shortest and it deals with the infancy narratives.

I found this series thought provoking and fascinating and believe it or not very readable.


Our present Holy Father is a modern day prophet. He is speaking the Lord's word each and every day. I think it is important that we listen and act on the Lord's word being proclaimed. Two resources on this page to keep in touch with the Holy Father are his picture which will lead to the Vatican website and Zenit which offers daily news in the Catholic Church often highlighting the words of Pope Francis. Another place is the Pope Francis page on this wiki.

One of the major themes that Pope Francis is presenting is MERCY. This particular book is collection of speeches, talks, homilies, and presentations arranged thematically in short manageable presentations. This book could easily be a meditation book to supplement your daily prayer by reflecting on one small section each day.